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Scheduling/scheduling control

We make sure that no hurdles stand in the way of your innovations and that you save time and resources through professional scheduling and control of your projects.

Our solutions provide you with a comprehensive assessment of project progress and enable you to identify and manage risks at an early stage.

This allows you to successfully complete your projects on time and increase your competitiveness.

Common problems of a project:

  • Connections/processes are not recognizable
  • Feedback concept can be optimized
  • Reason for delays opaque
  • Schedule does not comply with DCMA standard
  • Improve understanding of the schedule within the team
  • Lack of prioritization of the work

Our solutions

Schedule creation

According to international standard DCMA 14 multi-projects.

  • Overall process analysis
  • Lean methods (Takt, Last Planner)
  • Visualizations (way-time, flip-book, or similar)
  • MS Project/Primavera P6

Schedule control

Regular control against the base schedule.

  • Own feedback tool
  • Own traffic light system
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Milestone trend analysis
  • Baseline Management
  • Variance analysis
  • Recommendations for action

Schedule analysis

Quality check of project schedules

  • Testing according to DCMA standard
  • Schedule structure
  • Network planning technique
  • Control process
  • Critical path
  • Recommendations for action

Consulting PMO

Project management can sometimes be very time-consuming, with lots of meetings and preparation and follow-up.

As a technical service provider in project management, our Consulting PMO offers specially developed concepts and programs to support project management and free up time for the essentials.

We take on tasks such as meeting preparation and follow-up, document management and reporting, trade coordination and risk management. In doing so, we always remain at eye level with various contacts and keep an eye on our customers' objectives. We are happy to assist in setting up a project-specific reporting system and are available to answer any further questions.

Common problems of a project:

  • Non-compliance with the rules of cooperation
  • Regular delay in processing of action points
  • Unstructured storage of documents
  • Unplanned realization of risks
  • Intransparency/ lack of up-to-dateness of important data


Set structures (WBS) and define responsibilities.

  • Project Manual
  • Organigram
  • Project Participants List
  • Decision and meeting levels
  • Logs/Action logs
  • Decision templates
  • Reporting


Regular steering against budget/base plan.

  • Participation in cost estimation
  • Consolidation of cash outflow planning
  • Regular cost and schedule forecasting


Document management and risk management.

  • Workshop on the identification of risks and their mitigation
  • Regular management of risks
  • Optional Monte Carlo calculation of a cost or time contingency
  • Administration project documentation
  • Tracking End Documentation

Project consulting

The increasing demands in project management present new challenges to the industry. Time and costs are decisive factors and often the interaction of many partners requires a great deal of control. Intransparent communication of information is often the main cause of complications.

As an experienced "Project Fire Brigade", we offer an individual view of each project in order to shed light on structures, make communication transparent and make recommendations for action. In the short term, the concepts lead to optimized cooperation, and in the medium term to improved management of the projects.

Our customers benefit from the management of the project, the optimization of processes, the implementation of transparent reporting and cost-efficient work of all project partners.

Common problems of a project:

  • Use of old templates
  • Lack of strategy for standardization
  • Lack of 4-eyes principle
  • Different understanding about project execution of the stakeholders

QM audits

Checking the QM system of the customer against ISO 9001

  • Basis against ISO 9001
  • Interviews
  • On-site inspection
  • Report with recommendations for action

PM System Audits

Review of the client's PM processing system.

  • Base PMI system
  • Interviews
  • On-site inspection
  • Report with recommendations for action

Project "Fire Brigade"

Projects are audited and individual issues analyzed using a standardized process.

  • Base PMI system
  • Interviews
  • On-site inspection
  • Report with recommendations for action

We help our clients to implement and manage the project within the optimal time and cost frame.

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